When we light the lamp of a room .Where does the darkness go?


Solution 1

I'm not sure if this is worth an answer but anyway-

darkness is not a physical entity in itself. It is simply where light isn't. As it is not an entity, it doed not have to go anywhere when you turn on a light, it just seizes to exist as light enters the place where beforehand it wasn't.

Solution 2

Darkness is nothing, it is not a physical entity. Darkness is what you have when there are no/very less photons, and thus you can't see anything. When you light a lamp, the photons from the lamp bounce all over the room, and hence the darkness "disappears", so to speak. Absence of light doesn't exist when there is presence of light.


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  • Wadiaro Wapoo
    Wadiaro Wapoo over 3 years

    I asked my father . He replied : Under the sofa -.-

    • ACuriousMind
      ACuriousMind over 8 years
      Why has it to go anywhere? Darkness is just the absense of light, not a physical entity in itself.
    • Wadiaro Wapoo
      Wadiaro Wapoo over 8 years
      any law of the conservation of darkness ?
    • Ruslan
      Ruslan over 8 years
      When you fill a cup with water, where does the empty space go? Or when you turn on music, where does the silence go?
    • Kyle Kanos
      Kyle Kanos over 8 years