Select the option for “?” that continues the pattern in each question.


First of all, there exist an infinitely many functions for which $f(1)=3, f(2)=-6, f(3)=12, f(4)=4, f(5)=20$. Mathematically, any of those functions could define the "pattern" you seek.

The answer you are looking for is probably this:


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Updated on October 24, 2022


  • Jane
    Jane less than a minute

    i'm no to sure where to start with these pattern. If they were in an ordinary descending or ascending order it'd be easier. There's a pattern here, What would be the next number after 20? Can anyone assist please

    3, -6, 12, 4, 20, ?

    • symplectomorphic
      symplectomorphic about 6 years
      @snulty: $3+8=12$?
    • snulty
      snulty about 6 years
      @symplectomorphic good thing it wasn't an answer! :) it's been a long day
    • Henrik supports the community
      Henrik supports the community about 6 years
      For any number you could find a pattern that would make that number the next .