Caption of figure in list of figures in Lyx


Make a new float, write the caption, and then, right-click over the caption, and select Insert Short Title in the menu


This make a opt box inside the caption where you can write the text shown in the list of figures. The results must be:


With Edit > View source you can see that the generated LaTeX code will be:

\caption[shown in list of figures]{complete caption under the figure}

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Updated on August 27, 2020


  • simande
    simande almost 2 years

    my question is often asked and as often answered for regular Latex, but I would like to know, if there is a simple way in Lyx to make a custom entry for a caption in the list of figures, just like it's done in regular Latex with

    \caption[shown in list of figures]{complete caption under the figure}.

  • scottkosty
    scottkosty almost 7 years
    Just as a note, I believe that LyX has improved things in later versions (I believe as of 2.1.0) so that the "opt" box now says "Short Title".