beamer template for Miktex 2.9


A quik'n'derty template can be generated in TeXstudio for example, utilizing the built-in wizards.


  1. Install TeXstudio
  2. Familiarize with TeXstudio
  3. Start up TeXstudio


  1. After Start goto Menu -> Wizards -> Quick beamer presentation
  2. Select the theme you like the most.
  3. Select all the packages you need.
  4. Add title and author.
  5. Check for babel package and select your language.
  6. Check for graphicx package.
  7. Click OK

The template can now be used for any sort of presentation.

Result of above steps

You get and can use this quik'n'derty template:

    \author{Joanne Doe}
    \title{A smexy title}
    %\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}


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Updated on August 01, 2022


  • naphaneal
    naphaneal 10 months

    I want a basic beamer-template that works straight with latest version of Miktex 2.9. I just want to be able to run it and have no error messages complaining about missing this and that. I have the packages xcolor and pgf installed.

    • Jesse
      Jesse almost 7 years
      Welcome to TeX.SX. Sorry, not quite understand your question. Have u searched the beamer tag in this site? There are plenty of examples to try out, then ask your concerns specifically.
    • Fran
      Fran almost 7 years
      \documentclass{beamer} \begin{document} \begin{frame}{Test} Hello \end{frame} \end{document}
    • almost 7 years
      It looks like you've got two separate accounts (‌​-7 sounds like it would also be from you?). The Stack Exchange staff can merge them together for you.
    • almost 7 years
      If its just you being annoyed by the error messages, either set Miktex to automatically install missing packages or switch to a "complete" distribution like texlive, which comes with probably all packages you will ever need.