Why does red light bend less than violet? "BUT" , sound diffracts more than light


You are confusing diffraction and refraction. These are different things.

In the case of light through a prism it's refraction because the prism material has a refractive index dependent on the wavelength of the light.

Sound going around corners or through doorways is diffraction. The wave spreads out but there's no change in the properties of the medium (air).


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  • Mo Khalid
    Mo Khalid 11 months

    We can hear the sound that coming from the other room, but we can't see the light coming as well.

    And in this case, sound diffracts more than light because of a wavelength of sound is bigger than light.

    Now we can say that in general, waves with lower wavelength can curve around a corner less than a wave with high wavelength like sound.

    So when a beam of light passes through a glass, the Violet (a lower wavelength ) diffracts more than the Red color ( a large wavelength)

    And here I couldn't understand it because the two concepts should be the same and in real they're not.

    Thank you

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