What is the meaning of the official transcript?


If this is about graduate admission, universities normally require an official transcript (i.e. NOT a copy). An official transcript normally carries the signature of the Registrar, is in color, and is put in an sealed envelop prepared by the Registrar's office.

Some US universities require that your transcript comes directly from the Registrar's office of your institution, while some would accept one that you send in as long as it's inside the sealed envelop prepared by the registrar's office.


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Numerical Person

Updated on July 23, 2022


  • Numerical Person
    Numerical Person over 1 year

    I am going to apply for graduate admission in the US universities. Most of the universities require official transcript which must be sent from my institute with official envelope and seal.

    I went to my university to send the offical transcript to the US universities. The controller of the examiner asked me that which one I want. New transcript or copy of my transcript verified by the controller with envelope seal.

    More precisely, they asked me to give them photocopy of my original transcript. After I give them the copy, they will sign and pul offcial seal to send to the university I wanted to send.

    My question is that,,

    will the US universities consider the copy of the main transcripts(verified by the exam controller with enveloped and seal) as official?


    US universities are expecting original transcripts (with seal and enveloped) like I have a copy with me?

    • Anonymous Physicist
      Anonymous Physicist almost 8 years
      I would think either would be okay.
    • Numerical Person
      Numerical Person almost 8 years
      If I want to get the original one from my department (like the one I have) they will give but it requires a lot of verification and it takes time too.
    • vonbrand
      vonbrand almost 8 years
      We can't really answer... ask directly. If in doubt, send the not-so-official one, and promise to send the one with seal and signature and notarized by the embassy and all later.
    • Dave Kanter
      Dave Kanter almost 8 years
      I think we can't really answer AND that likely either is ok.
  • jakebeal
    jakebeal almost 8 years
    You write as though this is a universal condition for all schools: is this in fact the case?