On Win 10, I've installed emacs (with AucTeX) and Miktex. How do I get emacs to invoke MikTex?


Problem solved. I installed emacs and then MikTeX. After installing MikTeX, I needed to reboot so that emacs recognized the command pdflatex.


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Updated on January 08, 2021


  • Bruce
    Bruce almost 3 years

    I've installed emacs and installed the AucTeX package using emacs (which seems to be the consensus advice). I've installed MikTeX. How do I get C-c C-c latex to invoke MikTex and let me view the compiled file?


    • TeXnician
      TeXnician almost 4 years
      Are you able to run the MikTeX tools (pdflatex etc.) from the command-line? If it is found there, what is the error message in Emacs?
    • Bruce
      Bruce almost 4 years
      I don't think the problem is with MikTeX. If I launch TeXworks from the MikTeX console, MikTeX runs fine. When I try to run MikTeX from emacs, I get the following in the tex-shell buffer: codec:\Users\Owner\Documents\AA\Statement>pdflatex "\nonstopmode\input" "notes.tex" pdflatex "\nonstopmode\input" "notes.tex" 'pdflatex' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. c:\Users\Owner\Documents\AA\Statement>latex "\nonstopmode\input" "notes.tex" latex "\nonstopmode\input" "notes.tex" 'latex' is not recognized as an internal or ... code