LaTeX macros in markdown


Markdown (in its pure version) only targets HTML and does not know anything about LaTeX. Specifically, if you meant "The markdown supported by" then the answer is: no, interpreting LaTeX code is not supported. There are many extensions though that support multiple formats as output including LaTeX.

The best tool I know that supports this is Pandoc (see the latex_macros extension documented here).


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Updated on August 01, 2022


  • BenSmith
    BenSmith over 1 year

    I'm wondering if markdown supports even the simplest commands like

    • \newcommand
    • \def
    • \declaremathoperator

    Furthermore, whether or not the use of parameters is possible. For example,

    • \newcommand{\der}[2]{\frac{d #1}{d #2}}
    • Mico
      Mico almost 8 years
      Welcome to TeX.SE. Please be a bit more specific as to what you intend to achieve. Is your posting mainly about markdown? If so, it may be off-topic for this site.
    • BenSmith
      BenSmith almost 8 years
      Yes I suppose it is. Although I assume any of the TeXsperts who are also active on this page would be familiar with such as task. The point of this question is so that I can paste already written material as answers to mathematical questions here.
    • egreg
      egreg almost 8 years
      This is a Markdown question; note that other sites in the StackExchange network use MathJax, but we don't, because we're mainly interested in seeing the code, rather than an approximate rendering.