Installing Packages to TeX Studio ( TikZ package)


If you are on Windows, you can download & install LaTeX packages using either MikTeX or TeXLive.

If you are on Linux, you can download & install LaTeX packages using TeXLive. Another way is open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command sudo apt install texlive.

Installing LaTeX packages require good internet speed and disk space (more than 2 GB).

To learn LaTeX, I would suggest you to look into Overleaf.

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Updated on August 01, 2022


  • İlker
    İlker 3 months

    I am currently a new user of TeX studio, so i really don't know how to install packages ,particularly TikZ package, to TeX studio on my Computer. Also I am very open to suggestions about how can I start learning LaTex.


    • Steradiant
      Steradiant over 2 years
      I'd suggest that you have a look into MiKTeX
  • İlker
    İlker over 2 years
    Is TeX Maker suitable for installing these packages ? I installed TeX Maker shortly before ?
  • Tanvir
    Tanvir over 2 years
    TeXMaker, like TeXStudio are LaTeX editors. You can compile documents using them, once the TeX packages are installed.
  • İlker
    İlker over 2 years
    Tanvir, thank you so much !
  • Max Xiong
    Max Xiong over 2 years
    Using texlive from the system is probably a bad idea because it installs fonts that end up exposed to the system. In the latest Ubuntu version, installing full TeXLive installs a version of the Roboto font htat messes with font rendering in Chrome.