How to install the chemfig.sty package under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?

  1. Download the required package online (for e.g. on CTAN).
  2. If it's zipped, unzip the archive to a place where it's easily accessible such as your desktop.
  3. Open a terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and type: sudo nautilus
  4. Hit enter and type in your password and confirm with enter.
  5. This will open a window in which you have administrator-rights, meaning you can copy or move files in your system-directory.
  6. In this window, navigate to /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex and create a folder with the name of your package (for e.g. Chemfig if your package is called chemfig.sty).
  7. Copy the files chemfig.sty, chemfig.tex and t-chemfig.tex to your freshly created folder and assure the files were really copied. If they weren't go back to step 3 and make sure you run the command correctly.
  8. Open another terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and run the following command: texhash

You should now be able to use the package in your Latex-editor. If not, a restart should help.


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Updated on August 01, 2022


  • Jurg
    Jurg 3 months

    I am using TexMaker on ubuntu 12.04 to edit my Latex-documents. Lately, I needed to create a chemical structure with 'chemfig'. However, this package is not included in the 'TexLive-all'-package and thus, I had to install it manually. Here's how I did it: