basics needed for studying Laplace Transform


The best video I have found for Laplace Transform was this:

MIT professor explains where it comes from, its analogue: Power Series and so on. It will take 13 minutes of your time but you will understand the concept completely!


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Updated on August 01, 2022


  • justin
    justin over 1 year

    Could anyone list out the basic concepts needed to study Laplace Transform or from where should I start.I was studying Z transform but I knew that Z transform is the finite version of Laplace Transform.

    Also could you site any websites or references that would help in learning Laplace Transform.

  • justin
    justin about 9 years
    could you please explain why power series converges for x<1.Is it do to sum of infinite terms in GP.
  • Fahd Siddiqui
    Fahd Siddiqui about 9 years
    Yes if you look at power series, each successive term is multiplied by $x$. and hence if $|x|<1$ then the GP converges to sum to infinity formula.